Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wedding bell blues

posted Mon, 18 Jul 2005

This weekend, I saw The Wedding Crashers and Singing in the Rain (on the big screen). Both are romantic comedies, which means they have to end in weddings (or a proposal, for Singing in the Rain). Come on – you remember the rule – comedies end in weddings, tragedies end with everyone dying. At least, that’s the rule for Shakespeare.

What made me bummed was 1) I had to watch both of them alone (although I guess I could have stayed next to the weirdo for The Wedding Crashers) and 2) I was reminded that in three months, I will be attending my 20-year college reunion, where I will have to answer those awkward questions of “are you married? any kids?”

I hate those questions. I am finally at a point here in M’town where I am in a settled group, so don’t have to meet new people and endure that scrutiny.

But let me tell you – there is no question a single woman of 41 dreads more than, “Why aren’t you married?”

Well, no question I dread more, anyhow. I really can’t speak for everyone.

Every time I hear that question, it echoes with, “and why weren’t you asked to a single high school dance? Why were you always picked last for every single sports team in grade school?”

Isn’t it a little rude to ask someone that sort of question, anyhow? Isn’t it like asking, “Why are you divorced?” It’s personal.

I get a little defensive when I get this question. And yes, I have gotten it. Many times. I cannot believe how many people have asked me why I am not married. MY GOD. Why not just ask me if I’m just a complete LOSER already!

When I fumble for an answer, some will say they mean it as a compliment, but I tell you, it sure doesn’t feel that way to me.


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