Wednesday, March 3, 2010

All you Christians clap your hands

posted Mon, 26 Dec 2005

Last week, I had to go through the mortifying experience of calling my parish office to ask what time midnight mass started. You laugh, but my friend Eric was going to spend Christmas with his parents in Florida. The Filipinos were having a midnight mass at midnight, but the Poles were having theirs at 10 p.m. So midnight mass is not always at midnight. Sometimes you need to call. And as I had been at my mom’s last Sunday, I hadn’t gotten the bulletin.

Fortunately, I got the recording, which informed me that the choir would be providing a special music program starting at 11:15. We got there at about 11 – worried about the CEOs. I looked at the music listed in the bulletin and tried to find it in the hymnal – I wanted to sing with the choir.

At least I had a decent meal to fortify me through the pain of not being able to sing with the beautiful music before mass. SH is carving the prime rib that we had with scalloped potatoes, asparagus, and molten chocolate cakes.

Of the 17 Christmas songs, only three were in Gather, the hymnal my parish uses. Now, some of these songs were a little obscure, like “Meditation from ‘Thais,’” and “Coventry Carol,” but others, like “O Come Little Children” and “O Holy Night” should be considered standards by anyone’s standard, don’t you think? If you’ll hear them on commercial radio starting the day after Thanksgiving, they should count as real Christmas carols, right?

I got on the web and did some research. Gather is apparently another product of the post-Vatican II Marxist, leftist, liberation theologist, tree-hugging, Kum-bay-yah singing yahoos who have ruined, absolutely ruined the music in the Catholic Church.

Here’s how the publishers of Gather defend themselves:

“While Worship largely contains traditional hymnody mostly accompanied on the organ, Gather contains music that is popular or “folk” in nature and accompanied on piano and/or guitar.”

Ha! They say “popular or ‘folk’” as if that’s a good thing! Here we are – the oldest denomination in Christendom, with the real estate to prove it, and we have the worst music. The Baptists and Church of Christers have us beat hands down. I’ll tell you – it’s enough to make someone consider making the switch.

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