Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A fool and her money, part 65

posted Sat, 11 Mar 2006

Look closely at the price for the garlic in this photo. Yes, you read properly. $6.99 a pound. Can you believe they have the nerve to charge such a ridiculous amount? This is at the Milwaukee Public Market, a fun market downtown – sort of an indoor farmers’ market with produce, meat, cheese and bread. This is the organic booth, but honestly, when there is a Mexican produce stand next door (or even the regular grocery store) that charges a more reasonable $0.79/lb, who is her right mind would pay $6.99?

When Jessica and I were going to breakfast the other morning, we had the option of a bakery called “Third World,” which serves no meat, just pastry and coffee, and a diner. I said I wanted meat and eggs and Jessica concurred. We both ordered the early bird special -- $2.99 for eggs, sausage, bacon and pancakes. Jessica commented wryly that she had worked her way to the top of the food chain and intended to take advantage of it.

I said that I found it ironic that the Third World cafĂ© probably thought they were so in solidarity with the poor and suffering of the third world (we were right by the University of Chicago) by refusing to serve meat, but the reason the poor and suffering of the third world don’t eat meat is not because they have moral objections to it but because they can’t afford it. Jessica and I differ on many political issues – she calls herself liberal and I call myself conservative – but we both spent our high school years riding the school bus past the corrugated tin roofs of the shanties of the third-world poor in Panama, so neither of us have any patience for the hunger by choice of the affluent.

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