Sunday, March 21, 2010

Gift horse, Trojan horse

posted Fri, 16 Jun 2006

Remember what I wrote last week about how men and women (OK, SH and Leigh) accept gifts differently? It even happened again the other night when I gave Leigh a cheap little key ring from Indiana. She hadn’t read my post – she’s been super busy at work – so she wasn’t acting as she thought I expected her to act, but she still oohed and aahed over this little keychain. It was a cute pig riding a tractor and when you shook it, little sparkles came down. Totally corny, but Leigh accepts gift well. She makes the gift giver feel great.

So I have just finished this book by John Stossel, a reporter on 20/20, a guy I have never heard of on a show I have never seen, called Myths, Lie, and Downright Stupidity -- excellent book – I highly recommend it – and he has a section about how boys and girls are different. They did a test:

We brought brightly wrapped gifts into the room, and told the kids they could each pick one. Following Dr Leaper’s advice, we had filled each box with a truly disappointing gift: socks and a pencil. Again, the girls were so polite.

Stossel: So what do you think of the gift?
First girl: Good.
Stossel: Come on, isn’t this kind of a lousy gift?
Second girl: Oooh.
Stossel: Oooh? Ooo, what?
Second girl: Just what I needed, socks and a pencil.

These girls obviously had social skills I lack. Anyone who gives them a gift is going to feel good about it. The boys were not going to make me feel good.

First boy: What? Socks and a pencil? Rip off!
Second boy: Who needs socks? I got plenty of socks at home!

Who wants to give a present to these boys? Not me.

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