Sunday, March 7, 2010

The half-nekkid chef

posted Sun, 05 Mar 2006

Don’t you think if the recipe tells you to add the bay leaves when you add the carrots, onions, and garlic, that’s when you should do it? If they wanted you to wait until you put the veal shanks back into the mix and added the wine and the stock, they would say so! It’s not like they wrote the recipe with a footnote, “*Everyone should add the bay leaves with the vegetables except you, SH. You get to do it a different way. You leave them on the stovetop and add them at your discretion. Because you know better than we do here at The Joy of Cooking. We defer to your superior knowledge and wisdom.”

SH’s justification was that, “You don’t stir-fry bay leaves.” I told him that you don’t have to treat bay leaves roughly, but he ignored me. In his defense, he did throw out two years’ worth of accumulated take-out napkins, ketchup packets, and croutons today and he is going to maybe let me go through his closet with him to get rid of some of his clothes that he hasn’t worn in oh, years. So I am a positive influence in his life. Sort of.

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