Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lazy days and lazy people

posted Mon, 04 Sep 2006

I appeal to the crowd.

How late do you guys sleep on the weekends? Do you keep the same hours on the weekends (or roughly close to) that you do during the week?

Do you think it is reasonable to assume that most people are up by 8:00 on the weekend? I do, but I have been told that I am totally weird. You know – because I go to bed so early. For me to get as much sleep as I want, I have to go to bed nine hours before the sun comes up because the light wakes me. I can have a later bedtime in the winter, but what’s there to stay up for in the winter? It costs so much to heat my house that it’s cheaper to turn down the thermostat and get under the covers.

I think that most people who work nine-to-five jobs probably are awake by 8:00 on Saturday and Sunday just because their body clock – or kids – or bladder – gets them up by then. Besides, don’t most people have Things To Do on the weekends? I know I did when I had a job. I had my List and the weekend was when I was going to Get Things Done. I didn’t have any time to waste sleeping my life away. Now I don’t get anything done because I have too much time. Strange how that works.

SH and I are arguing about this. He thinks I am wrong and that most people – most normal people – are sleeping way past 8:00 on the weekends. “If they do that,” I say, “then they won’t be able to fall asleep Sunday night and getting up Monday morning is really hard. Most people our age have learned to keep a regular schedule, even on the weekends. You’re still in your post-divorce, making up for not having a wild-20s stage.”

He disagrees. He maintains there are many 9-to-5 people in their early 40s who stay up way past midnight – possibly until 4:30 a.m. – and hence need to sleep well into the morning, thus wasting a good portion of the day. When do these people do laundry? When do they buy groceries? When do they cut their grass? When do they do their chores, I ask you? How can they be so irresponsible?

So. Am I right or is the rest of the world a bunch of lazy people sleeping their lives away?

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