Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Maybe it has to do with deforestation

This is where SH and I go looking for a Christmas tree. We have met. We are spending Christmas together at my house in Memphis.

posted Thu, 22 Dec 2005

If you were a retailer of Christmas trees and Christmas were still say, five days away, what would your sales strategy be? Say you’re Home Depot and you’ve had Christmas trees on your lot since Thanksgiving (or maybe before? I haven’t been paying attention – who buys a Christmas tree before Thanksgiving?) and you’re probably not going to do anything else with the Christmas tree space before Christmas anyhow, what do you do with all those Christmas trees?

Do you, on December 20, send them all back to wherever old Christmas trees go to die? (A pulp mill, perhaps, as you really can’t save live Christmas trees until next year.) And then leave the Christmas tree space completely empty so that on December 22 when the Class Factotum and SH go in search of a Christmas tree (and we were not the only ones, we discovered), they find nothing?

What is the logic behind this decision? Retailers just can’t wait to get their Christmas stuff on the floor in September or, at the latest, in October. You start to hear Christmas music on the radio on Thanksgiving. A lot of people put their tree up on the day after Thanksgiving. I will admit that I had most of my Christmas shopping done by the end of August, but that is because I am a Type A.

But if you watch old movies, many people waited until Christmas Eve – yes! Christmas Eve! – to put up the Christmas tree. It used to be a tradition.

Not that I am expecting Home Depot (both Home Depots and Stringers Garden Center) to cling to tradition, but I do expect them to want to make money! It would be different if they had filled the Christmas-tree space with some other item that was selling like hotcakes (or like Christmas trees!), but that space was empty! So what was the plan here? Whose stupid idea was this? Are there socialist moles in corporate?

They couldn’t keep the trees at Home Depot for six more days? Not until the day after Christmas?

I’ll bet Lowe’s still has trees.

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