Monday, March 1, 2010

Ring of fire

posted Tue, 20 Dec 2005

This has nothing to do with what I really want to write about today, but isn’t it the best feeling in the world when someone comes up to you in the grocery store and says, “Girl, I just got to compliment you on those shoes! I’ve been admiring them!”

I mean, is that the way to make a girl’s day or what?

Are these scrumptious or what? These are the famous Ralph Lauren brown crocodile slingbacks. One of the few drawbacks to the pending unemployment is that I won’t have the opportunity to wear gorgeous heels.

OK, on to other things. So I had the distasteful task of returning some CDs to the store this afternoon. I discovered the very afternoon that I bought them that I could get them much cheaper on Amazon. When I first saw them at Sun Studio a few weeks ago, I went home and looked for them on Amazon, but couldn’t find them. I thought perhaps Sun had an exclusive, as this particular CD (the Million-dollar session with Johnny Cash, Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis and one other really famous musician) had been recorded there.

Had I used my head, I would have realized it would be completely nuts for Sun to be the only distribution channel in the world. Honestly. Even at a 30% higher price, they are not going to make up for selling like a gazillion fewer units than they would otherwise. UT is going to revoke all the rights and privileges associated with my master’s degree. But then, I took only one marketing class. I’m an ops person.

As soon as I bought the CDs, I checked again when I got home. It was expensive! Sure enough, there it was on Amazon. I ordered a couple of copies and threw the bag in my car to take back to Sun.

All week, I’ve been agonizing. What if they ask me why I’m returning them? Usually, when I return something to the store, I have a really good reason. The item broke, it didn’t work as promised, it went bad – something legit. Actually, I can often work up some good righteous indignation, which you all know is one of my favorite hobbies, along with noting how parents are raising their children wrong.

But I found it cheaper on the internet? That sounds bad! Especially when it means I’m not supporting a local business. Especially when it’s the local business where the product was created! Especially when it’s a local business run by people who are truly passionate about the product! I mean, this is Sun Studio! People come from all over the world to worship at the shrine of the birthplace of rock and roll! This is where Elvis and Johnny Cash first recorded! Holly B, Bono has recorded here!

I had to tell music people that I wanted their art cheaper. I was scared they would throw me out, like the Jack Black character in the movie “Hi Fidelity.” (Love that movie!) Remember when the guy comes into the record store and wants a Barry Manilow record and Black throws him out, but only after ridiculing him? Well, that’s the sort of person who works at Sun Studio, only they’re not as obvious about it.

I kept trying to think of a good lie – “Someone gave it to me as a gift!” – but I had not one but two copies and I am a horrible liar. I decided to tell the whole truth and nothing but. What were they going to do? Refuse to return my money? I had already called to ask about the return policy.

But when I got there, my worrying was all for naught. The biggest music snob there – one of those ugly-glasses-on-purpose girls – just smacked her chewing gum while she rang me up.

Whew. I bought some sundries in relief.

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