Saturday, March 6, 2010

Umm.. Isn`t it obvious?

posted Thu, 16 Feb 2006

Just because The Lonely Planet promises heat at a hotel and just because the hotel room has a radiator does not mean that the room will be warm.

The Hotel Majestic in Meknes is a grand old hotel, a little bit past its prime. When we got to our rooms, we discovered that it was very good at holding in the cold, something that must serve it quite well in the summer. It was afternoon when we checked in. Maybe they don’t run the heat during the day, we thought. But when we returned from walking around, it was still cold. SH volunteered to go back to reception to ask them to turn on the heat.

“How does one make the room warm?” he asked.

“You open the armoire and remove another blanket,” the man behind the desk told him.

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