Monday, March 29, 2010

What men do

posted Sun, 27 Aug 2006

Last night, this guy kept hassling my cousin, Bobbi Jo, her husband, Dave, and a few other friends at Big Swede’s Bar and Bait Shop. (OK, OK. It’s not really a bait shop. That was the Big Minnow Bar and Bait Shop where we went later. But I wanted to make sure I got that in there.) They kept putting him off casually (“No, we don’t want to play pool with you – you’re too good for us!”), but he persisted. Finally, he called Bobbi Jo a “whorebag,” whatever that is.

Dave decked him.

The owner of the bar came over to see why a customer was on the floor. Dave, who is an occasional bouncer, raised his hands, said, “Hey, man, I’m really sorry. I’ll leave.”

The owner said, “Don’t worry about it. That guy is a total --------. Stay. I’m kicking him out.”

What I liked is that Dave didn’t even hesitate to act when this jerk insulted his wife. When he was being a general jerk, Dave used a soft answer to turn away wrath, but the guy kept coming back for more. When he crossed the line and basically double-dog dared Dave to come and get him by calling his wife a slut (which, for the record, she is not), Dave did what any red-blooded guy should do: he elbowed the guy in the nose and knocked him to the ground.

If I had been Bobbi Jo, I would have been ticked if Dave had done any less.

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