Tuesday, April 13, 2010

But I`m not bitter

posted Fri, 29 Sep 2006

Is there anything worse than opening your alumni magazine, flipping to the back section to read the gossip, and seeing that one of the people you disliked the most in grad school is doing really, really well?

Well, sure, there are worse things, like having a leg amputated or having a tree fall through your roof, but as far as real things that happen to real people every day, this one is up there.

How can someone – let’s call her Michelle, for that is indeed her name – who did not seem to be that bright but yet was in possession of an animal cunning and a nasty cattiness to other women (very different from the behavior I am exhibiting now, of course), rise to the level of CFO of a major company in just 14 years? While having four children?

I’ll bet she’s one of those powerful women who is mean to other women. I just know it. She has probably never baked a cake for anyone at work. Or organized a baby shower. Or brought a covered dish for an office potluck.

I hope her neck has gotten all ropy.

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