Thursday, April 29, 2010

But it`s material

posted Sat, 06 Jan 2007

I’m starting to dislike people.

That’s what too much time in retail will do to you.

No, ma’am, I cannot reuse the $10 off coupon that the previous customer just gave me. Yes, technically, I could. It would scan because there is not a unique UPC, but once I scan it, I am supposed to put it in the register envelope for audit. You know – so the register receipts balance with the sales. I suppose I could do it just to make you happy – just as I could pull a $10 bill out of the cash drawer and hand it to you to make you happy. But I like having a job. Sorry.

People – would it be too much trouble to take your half-full cups of soda to a trash can? Must you leave them on the floor where they can be kicked over so the contents spill onto the carpet and the floor?

And the empty French fry containers? Again, we do have trash cans in The Store. And they are free for customer use. It is not necessary to leave that Chick Fil A French fry box underneath the Calvin Klein jeans table. Really. It’s not.

Why is there a Cherokee sweater hanging on my rail? We don’t sell that brand? It’s a Target brand! Did someone let a customer return an item we don’t even carry? It doesn’t even have tags on it! How do you even do that? No receipt, no tags. Maybe someone just left it in the dressing room. But when’s the last time I forgot my clothes in the dressing room? You mean people switch clothes out in the dressing room? And steal the new ones?

That is so tacky.

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