Thursday, April 29, 2010

Deepening my love for The People

posted Sun, 07 Jan 2007

Customer presents me with a pair of fancy studded jeans and jeans jacket. The receipt is from May 2005. This is the condensed version of the story. You are getting only part of the idiocy.

Customer: These are actually my sister’s. She lives out of town. I want to return the jeans and have them credited to her account and return the jacket and then buy it and put it on mine.

Me: Ummm… Why don’t you just give the money for the jacket directly to your sister?

Customer: Because the price has probably gone down since she bought it.

Me [rolling my eyes in my mind, annoyed that this woman is trying to scam The Store]: Ma’am, these items are not showing in the system because it’s been more than 180 days since they were purchased. [On the back of the receipt, it says you are allowed to return unworn items within 90 days of purchase.]

Susan (another Store employee): You need to call a manager about that.

I call a manager, who tells me to do the return at the price on the receipt.

Me: Susan, how do I get the price to re-sell the jacket to her? [When I scan the jacket as if it were a current product, I get the price of one penny, which means it has been purged and that I am not allowed to sell it. But I have seen it done with items found in the store and apparently, this customer has as well. I am not going to fight with her. Let the manager do it.]

Susan: You can’t. Once it’s been pennied out, you can’t sell it.

Customer: Can’t you ask that manager how to do it? Or should I just come back tomorrow when Margaret will be here?

Me [Margaret will do this for her? Without management approval? That’s a violation of store policy! But I call a manager and she comes over. ]

Manager: Ma’am, we will give your money back on these items but we will not re-sell them to you at a lower price.

Customer [deep, martyred sigh]: Fine. I’ll return the pants and deal with the jacket later when I can see Margaret.

Me [I go through everything necessary to return the pants, which is a pain in the neck for something out of the system]: Ma’am, because it’s been so long since this item was purchased, we will need to give you a gift card for this. We cannot put the credit back on your sister’s Store card.

Customer: Oh, just forget it. I’ll do the whole thing with Margaret. When is she here again?

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