Sunday, April 4, 2010

Don`t get your honey where you get your money

posted Sun, 10 Sep 2006

My cousin’s ex-wife, “Pam,” (she is such an idiot – my cousin is a wonderful guy) is the HR manager at a bank. She’s the person is supposed to keep the sexual harassment stuff from happening. But Pam’s scared to do anything about this VP (married) who is boinking his secretary (also married, with children) because the owner of the bank has made it clear he doesn’t care what’s going on as long as this VP is happy and that the first person who complains about the situation will be fired. Pam might be an idiot about men, but she’s no fool when it comes to her job.

The secretary filed for divorce. I guess she and her boss are going to marry and be happy ever after, because married men don’t cheat on their wives, they cheat on that wife. Because she “doesn’t understand” him. Or whatever. But they never go on to cheat again. Nope.

The secretary’s husband is a co-worker of my cousin’s. The husband became so depressed about the whole thing that he “got a rope and picked out a tree.” My cousin, a family guy who is crazy about his little girl, said, “You can’t do this to your kids, man.” The husband had his kids for the weekend and decided my cousin was right.

So now there is this delicate balance at the bank – how long before the VP gets tired of the secretary? How long before the secretary starts making more demands on the VP? Whom do you think will be fired when the balance shifts?

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