Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I can`t wait for my class reunion

posted Wed, 27 Dec 2006

So I’m at the register in moderate sportswear when whom should I see but “Alex,” a woman from the SAP conversion team who was on the eight-member multi-department team I ran when I worked at Consolidated Buggy Whips. I saw Alex at least once a week at our team meetings – the meeting I led. My meeting. My team. We emailed and spoke frequently. I was the project manager, the project designer, the in-charge person, the results getter, the honcho on many projects of which Alex was a beneficiary.

Alex – still employed at Buggy Whips.

Me – not.

Alex got to see me running a cash register. She couldn’t get out of The Store fast enough. On her way to spread the gossip, I suppose. Not that I’ve been keeping this a secret, but I don’t keep in touch with the people from her side of the project.

My humiliation is now complete.

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