Thursday, April 1, 2010

May I dance with your date?

posted Sat, 09 Sep 2006

In keeping with the spirit of Bill Clinton’s wishes with Disney’s 9/11 docu-drama, let it be noted that the following is not a literal transcript of a true event. Instead, it is a story inspired by a true event.

“What exactly would that guy who asked out the girl you were dating in college have had to say to you?” I asked SH.

“What do you mean?”

“You said that it was disrespectful for him to ask her out when he knew she was going out with you and that he should have asked you. Even though you and she weren’t engaged. Weren’t sleeping together. Just what should he have said to you for it to be OK for him to ask her out?”

Long pause. “Well, I’m not exactly sure.”

I pounced. “That’s because it’s all fair in love and war. Maybe he could have asked if you two were going out, but what – was he supposed to ask for your permission? That’s ridiculous.”

Silence. I am winning (ha!) this argument, which started a few hours ago. SH maintains that dating relationships are sacrosanct and should not be violated by outsiders. Baloney, I say. Anything is fair until a couple is married. He is horrified at the idea.

“Then what about when you pursued me?” I throw my trump card onto the table. “I had a boyfriend and you knew it.”

“He was overseas and you weren’t serious. Besides, it wasn’t like I asked you out or anything.”

“Oh, really! What exactly, then, were your intentions?” [Let it be noted that SH changed his flight plans to have a layover in Memphis on his trip from Milwaukee to Florida just to see me. But he wasn’t making a move. Nope.]

Silence. “I didn’t pay for your lunch on our first date.” [SH over-the-shoulder editorial: “Hey! I wasn’t even calling it a date! I was calling it a visit!”]

“Yes, I know. I’m still ticked off about that. But back to the point. What. Were. Your. Intentions?”


“I rest my case.”

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