Sunday, April 11, 2010

More than a feeling

posted Sat, 23 Sep 2006

In SH’s car, driving back from the movies. He has just turned on the CD player.

Me: You bought a Johnnie Lee CD? I am so proud of the impact I’ve had on you. First you finally realize that Wal-Mart is not an evil empire and now you are buying country music CDs. Finally, you are coming over to the right side!

SH: Johnnie Lee isn’t really country. He’s more country pop.

Me: He’s country.

SH: He’s country pop.

Me: Fine. Whatever makes you feel good. [I switch to a different CD. It’s The Eagles. I have to jump a few songs to find one we can agree on.]

SH: Paul and I argue all the time over which is the better album, The Long Run or Hotel California.

Me: Neither! Rumors is way better than either of them.

SH: That’s – that’s not relevant to this argument. [Note that he does not deny my assertion.]

Me: But Hotel California stinks. I hate it so much that if that song were dead I would dig it up just to kill it again.

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