Thursday, April 22, 2010

Some wins, some losses

posted Sun, 03 Dec 2006

Work successes:

I sold a credit account. The store really pushes those. Store credit card holders spend a lot of money at the store – the average store cardholder spends thousands (yes, thousands) of dollars annually at the store. The store, in its defense, gives the cardholders lots of good deals that the general public does not get. Right now, cardholders get an extra 15% off everything in my department. They just got a coupon for $10 store cash. Last week, they had mystery money cards They get 12 free gift wraps a year. So there is something in it for them, too.

So I sold a credit account and got $5 cash from my boss, this fluffy red blanket and was entered in the weekly drawing, the prize this week being a DVD player. You might scoff, but when you are making only $9 an hour, an extra $5 is nice. My co-workers assured me that blanket is quite warm, which is good news, as my heating austerity program is leading to a house that is 47 degrees when I wake up. This plan of heating only the room I am in better result in low utility bills – no more December bills of $300. Another blanket won’t hurt.

A DVD player – well, maybe I can give it to someone as a Christmas present. I don’t have a TV. It won’t do me much good.

Work failures:

I couldn’t get the darn security tag off a customer’s red Liz Claiborne sweater. She was so happy about the sweater and I couldn’t get the tag off and neither could two of my co-workers and finally the ink busted and the sweater was ruined. I went to get her a replacement and there were no more in her size so I had to give her the size larger and she got cranky and I don’t blame her. If I had been on the ball, I would have called another store to see if they had the size and had it sent to her. I’ll try to do that today – maybe I can get her name and address from the tag somehow.

Stupid security tags. Stupid shoplifters. The store loses half a million dollars to shoplifters every year. I want to punch them in the nose. I hate those darn tags. They are so hard to remove. We wouldn’t need them if there weren’t lying nasty thieves around. Ruin things for the rest of us.

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