Sunday, April 4, 2010

Steel magnolias

posted Mon, 11 Sep 2006

I gave Missy’s card to Bubba this morning. “Should I email her?” he asked.

“Be a man!” I told him. “Call her!”

Any woman can be direct and bossy. It takes real talent to be underhanded and subtle. Scarlett O’Hara got men to do what she wanted – and made them think it was their idea all along. Not only that, but they liked it. I don’t think that’s a sign of a weak woman.

“OK. But I’ll wait a few days so she won’t think I’m desperate,” he joked.

“Too late,” I said. “I already told her you were.”

“I’m not!” he protested.

I scrutinized him. “No, I don’t suppose you are. You’re cute and funny. You probably get a lot of fan mail.”

“Not really,” he said. “Actually, none at all. It’s not like the Midwest. I got approached a lot there. I liked it. I like strong women. But here, the women are different.”

“Yeah, we’re in the south. In the south, the man asks. It’s considered very poor form for a woman to ask a guy out here.”

He rolled his eyes. “No kidding. I haven’t had one woman indicate any interest since I moved here.”

I should have told him that he probably hasn’t learned the code, but it didn’t occur to me. Southern women are strong and they do pursue men and indicate interest, but they don’t do it the same way as Midwestern women might. SH and I saw “Gone With The Wind” on Friday night and if you don’t think southern women know how to get a man while making the man think it was all his idea, three hours of watching Scarlett O’Hara at work will change your mind. Heck, five minutes of watching my friend Leigh at work (before she got married) will change your mind. Southern women pursue men – they’re just more subtle and better-dressed about it than other women.

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