Tuesday, April 13, 2010

To each according to need

posted Sat, 30 Sep 2006

Is it wrong to take Exxon Tigermart hot chocolate samples if I know I have no intention of ever buying their hot chocolate? There are some conveniently-placed Tigermarts on my running route and they usually have pretty clean restrooms. My first restroom stop, of course, is the Cathedral. That’s after the first two miles. Then I have to wait another four miles before the Tigermart. There’s a Mapco between the two, but it’s nasty.

By the time I get to the Tigermart, I have to pee again, even though I limit myself to only half a diet Coke before I start my run. But I am also thirsty. I need to reload. In the summer, I know where to stop for water – there is a water hose at the antique store on Central and another one at a house on Evergreen – but now that it’s cooling down, hot chocolate is sounding pretty good.

Maybe it’s a good thing churros y chocolate isn’t available in Memphis. I put on some jeans yesterday that I haven’t worn in a while and those shrinking moths seem to have gotten to them. I hate when that happens.

So the other day, after I did my bidness in the ladies’ room, I casually sauntered over to the hot chocolate dispenser. They don’t always have the little sample cups out, you know. But this time, they did. So I filled the cup and left the store. I walked and sipped my chocolate and enjoyed the glorious autumn day.

But then I wondered – was it right to take a sample knowing that I will never ever stop in a Tigermart to buy hot chocolate? Because I won’t, you know. It’s good enough to take for free, but it’s certainly not good enough for buying. It’s made from a powder. Last winter, I used to throw in a few containers of half and half, but that’s really crossing the line. That’s sort of stealing. But it really does enhance the flavor, especially the Land o’ Lakes hazelnut flavor.

No, if I’m going to buy hot chocolate, I’m going to buy it from a place that makes it with whole milk or cream with a candy bar melted into it, like Paris. What’s the point of paying for hot chocolate made with water and powder?

I have to stop, if only because I can’t get away with it. They’ll recognize me because of my diaper-rash ointment sunblock on my face and ban me from the store and then I won’t have anywhere to pee.

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