Thursday, April 15, 2010

Waste not, want not

posted Thu, 05 Oct 2006

What is the function of the paper towel in your world? You know, the expensive paper towel that once used, must be discarded? As opposed to the dish cloth, which can be washed and re-used, or the rag, which can also be washed and re-used?

Wouldn’t you right-thinking people agree that paper towels should be reserved for things for which dish cloths and rags are unsuited, like wiping up the blood left when you smash a mosquito to death against your kitchen wall? Or for cleaning windows? Or for laying on a plate before you remove bacon from the pan so as to absorb the grease from the bacon? (And then for wiping out the little bit of bacon grease that you didn’t pour into the bacon grease jar? You do have a bacon grease jar, don’t you?)
Paper towels are being used appropriately here.

Wouldn’t you agree that expensive, multiple paper towels should not be used for the wasteful purpose of wiping off the counter while you are cooking? Or drying your hands? Or for folding up and putting underneath the beer bottle or the processed Kaukana Cheese Spread in the refrigerator for I don’t know what reason?

Normally, I am all in favor of using more paper. Strike that. I am in favor of other people using more paper. (Remember, I used to work for a paper company and I am counting on that defined-benefit pension. Don’t recycle!) I am a cheapskate who doesn’t like to waste money – heck, I don’t even like to spend it, so I use dishcloths and rags for cleaning my kitchen and house. Paper towels serve a very limited purpose in my life.

I am a profligate toothpaste squeezer – I’ll mash from the middle. I don’t have to use a bar of soap until there is only a needle-sized amount left. I don’t scrape the absolute last bit of Crisco from the can before I toss it. (I will even use a paper towel to spread the Crisco in the cornbread pan. That is not how I was raised for sure!)

But don’t come to my house and use all my paper towels to wipe the counter is all I’m saying. Not if you want to stay on my good side, if you know what I mean.

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