Sunday, April 25, 2010

When I`m in charge #58

posted Mon, 18 Dec 2006

If you don’t want to work the Saturday before Christmas (or two Saturdays, really), then just ask to have it off. That way, they can schedule someone who will come to work. Don’t just not show up. Or call and then not show up. (I'm sorry -- how many people out of 20 or so get sick now or have a death in their family now? When there have been no sicknesses or deaths in the past two weeks, four percent of the year? Coincidence? I think not.) Because when you do don't show up, the people who come in on Sunday morning face a huge mess because no one was putting any clothes away for the last four hours that The Store was open.

What you see here is only half the mess. There is another counter and three more tall hanging racks like the one on the far left. That rail in the back (under the wreath) contains clothes to be put back, too. I had already been putting clothes away for an hour when I took this photo.

Oh yeah. People blew off coming into work Sunday, too. If I were in charge, that would be cause for immediate termination.

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