Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Working for a living

posted Thu, 30 Nov 2006

I earned money last night! I completed a few sales, some with coupons, and did an even exchange. I folded sweaters! I monitored the dressing room! (People. Would it be too much trouble to put the clothes you tried back on the hanger? Would it? No home training. I swear.) Best of all, I didn’t blow up the store’s accounting system!

I am so proud.

With $27 before taxes clutched in my sweaty little hand (figuratively), I walked past housewares. There it was – the red KitchenAid stand mixer, on sale for $299 (before Tennessee’s ridiculous 9.75% sales tax). With my employee discount of 20%, plus the extra 20% employees are getting this week, I would have had to go only $152.40 into debt, or work another 17 hours (before taxes) to buy it.

Down girl, I told myself. Six hours for the phone bill. Twenty hours for the utility bill (I hope just that many). Thirteen hours for health insurance. Then there are groceries. Gasoline. Car insurance. It might be nice to buy Christmas presents for your family and boyfriend.

I kept walking.

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