Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Would you like a credit card with that?

posted Wed, 22 Nov 2006

More training this morning. Register training! As if I need to be trained on how to use a cash register. Ha. I was using a cash register back when you had to know math to run a cash register, sister. I used a cash register when you had to actually key in the price by pressing the number keys.

We had to use the “@” key if there were multiples of the same item, like ten cans of tuna at $0.49 apiece.

We had to look up bad credit card numbers in the little book that came out every week and write down the page number that the customer’s credit card number was not on. We had carbon copies. We had to use pens.

We didn’t have no stinkin’ laser scanners. We didn’t have no stinkin’ electronic signature pads.

So this stuff was going to be a piece of cake. So I thought.

Ummm. Cake. I went to this training straight from 6:45 boot camp. (Yes, I bathed first. The church where we meet lets us use the showers at their gym. The store does have a dress code.) I didn’t have breakfast before class, so took a leftover pork bun from the dim sum SH, Leigh and I had on Sunday, a can of sardines and a diet Coke with me to eat in my car.

Guess what? That’s not enough food to sustain a human being from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Mental note to self: keep chocolate in purse at all times.

Not much has changed in completing customer transactions except it’s gotten more complicated now that it’s on a computer and if you make a mistake, you can’t get out of it (it looks like a PC, but the “ESC” button does not work, I can tell you that) and might accidentally put all the charge on someone else’s store card or perhaps wipe out an entire national chain’s computer system, so why they are trusting temporary workers on their registers, I don’t know.

Be nice to the salespeople when you’re Christmas shopping this year. They might be people like me who are trying to remember what they learned in the six-hour training class that was crammed into four hours because the company. Well. Because. I’ll just say that if I were in charge, this is not how I would do it.

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