Sunday, May 9, 2010

At least he didn`t hide the good salt

posted Tue, 03 Apr 2007

To the untrained eye, these hangers are the same. Or equivalent. They serve the same purpose – to keep clothes off the floor of the closet.

One of these hangers is not like the other. One of these hangers just doesn’t belong.

But to the blue shirt professional/connoisseur – ah, there is a world of difference between these two hangers. Only one of them is suitable for his shirts! Those shirts that are lovingly rescued from the dryer before they reach bone dryness so that they might complete their drying on plastic hangers, then be transferred to the appropriate wire hanger for storage in the closet.

It is so important that these shirts be on the proper hanger that this person – who shall go unnamed – thought it necessary to gather and hide a collection of the “good hangers” from me during his recent absence so that I might not inadvertently use them for my undeserving shirts. I don’t know where he hid them. I didn’t even notice their absence, so I did not seek them.

But I was a bit concerned that this person – again, unnamed – thought that he could not trust me not to use the “good hangers” simply at his request.

Now, of course, I will hog the “good hangers” just to mess with him.

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