Sunday, May 16, 2010

At least he takes in his trash can

posted Tue, 19 Jun 2007

So you have this new neighbor who apparently does not know his own address (isn’t that something we all learn in kindergarten?) because for the third month in a row, you have gotten his Computer Gaming Nerd magazine. The address label has his name but your address.

If your old postman, Lawrence, were still on the route, it wouldn’t be a problem – he sorts mail by name, which is great unless you really don’t want all the PBS fund solicitations that still go to your old address (the one you haven’t had for six years). But there is a new postman and she doesn’t pay any attention to what she’s doing so you continue to get your neighbor’s stupid magazine.

How many times should you have to circle the address and write a note before you take the magazine to his house before you start just putting them in the trash?

How long do you let the magazine sit in the rocking chair before you bother to walk it across the street?

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