Thursday, May 27, 2010

The average wedding costs $20,000 these days

posted Mon, 16 Jul 2007

During the warmup at boot camp this morning, Tony asked Regina what she had done this weekend:

Regina: Oh, I had to go to a wedding and then to this engagement party.

Tony: What’s bad about that? I like weddings.

Regina: The wedding was fine, but the engagement party was for a couple who has been living together for over a year and they have a baby. I don’t know why they are having an engagement party now.

Me: Don’t you sort of give up your right to the festivities and the presents if you already have kids together?

Regina: She says she has always wanted to walk down the aisle.

Me: Then why didn’t she do that before the baby was born?

Regina: Got me. I have a friend who had a huge wedding – and she was seven months pregnant. I couldn’t believe it. She wore this mermaid dress. [Uses hands to show a very fitted dress over a big belly.]

Me: Yeah, that’s more of a “go to the JP” thing if you ask me.

Tony: Do all women dream about walking down the aisle?

Me: Not me. I’d rather elope and use the money for a down payment on a house or a trip to Europe. I’ve never cared about having a big wedding.

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