Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bored, bored, bored

posted Tue, 26 Jun 2007

Here’s how bored I am with SH gone and Lindley on vacation for a week (so there’s really no point in my going to work because I can’t do much without her there – I’ve been checking voicemail and I’ll go in for a couple of hours tomorrow, but other than that, I have nothing to do):

1. I decided to see if I could make it a day without eating (I could and it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be).
2. As a reward for my one-day fast, I was going to go out for a pedicure, but I couldn’t bear the idea of spending $30 (1/3 my utilities bill) on something so ephemeral, so I gave myself one instead, which I hate doing, but I hate having gnarly feet even more.
3. While I have been not eating, I have been reading all my cookbooks. Kind of like a monk surrounding himself with Playboy magazine, really.
4. I finally patched and painted all the knocked-out places around the extra outlets that the electrician installed six years ago when I moved into my house.
5. I washed the windows in the front door for the first time in two years.
6. I cleaned the back window in the kitchen – the one I’ve looked at every day for the past three months and said, “I really need to clean that window.”
7. I found a place where you can watch some TV shows online and watched “Creature Comforts,” which was hilarious. I also saw outtakes of “The Office.”
8. I have been sending SH about a million emails a day, mostly with links to interesting stories I have found online. (The poor Chinese guy with the 33-pound tumor on his face – pray for him; the French whine-makers who are protesting because the price of wine has dropped; the Chinese family who sold their very tall daughter to the circus.) He doesn’t have time to respond or probably even read all this stuff because he’s at his mom and dad’s helping out after his dad’s surgery last week (hip replacement and happily, he is doing just fine) and he’s still doing his regular job.
9. I have been sitting on the front porch listening to the thunder and watching the lightening as the clouds continue to promise – but not deliver – rain.
10. I have been going to boot camp twice a day on MWF since last week – both the 6:45 a.m. class and the 8:30 a.m. class. It’s not so bad because of the 45-minute break in between classes and it kills time. (It's also not so bad because honestly, I don't work very hard during class.) If I were really hard core, I suppose I could go back for the evening class. I’m still not thin, just in case you’re wondering.
11. I mowed the front and the back yard, making sure not to cut down the zinnias that are growing just fine in the lawn but refuse to take hold in the flowerbeds.
12. I have opened my freezer about 10,000 times to see if anything interesting has turned up since the last time I looked.
13. I vacuumed, another chore I hate and usually avoid by not wearing my glasses in the house so that all the dust and dirt is just invisible to me.
14. I have read about a dozen books and five magazines. I liked “Infidel,” “The Postman” (Thanks to Book Chase for that recommendation), “How to be Cool,” the new Harlan Cobin and “Dedication.” I don’t remember the others and I have already returned them to the library, so I can’t go look on the stack on the cedar chest to check.
15. I watched “Me, Myself and Irene” on my computer. It costs only $2 to rent a movie at the library and I thought, “How bad can this movie be? It has Renée Zellweger in it.” Well, it can be pretty bad, but I was so bored that I actually watched the whole thing, although I paused it three separate times to do walk around the house looking for something to do besides watch the movie.
16. I washed the shower curtain.
17. I went to the Vietnamese grocery at the busy time, knowing I’d have to stand in line forever just to buy apples – they have only two cashiers and late in the afternoon is when everyone seems to go there to buy a year’s worth of food.

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