Thursday, May 6, 2010

Customer relations

posted Wed, 07 Mar 2007

Yes, I know I am turning into one of those “The snow was higher and colder when I was young” people, but honestly.

Customer in Lindley’s shop: Oh, there are so many beautiful antiques here! But I can’t get things right now, what with the kids in college.

Me: Yes, tuition is so high now.

Customer: Oh, it’s not the tuition, it’s the little things. Every week, they call and need $200 for this, $100 for that.

Me: I guess it’s time to tell them to get a part-time job, huh? [thinking about how I waited tables at the faculty club during the school year – OK, stood at the credenza and gossiped while the professors waved their empty glasses at us hoping for a refill of tea – and taught swimming and lifeguarded 60 hours a week during the summer when I was in college]

Customer [shocked]: Oh, no! They study so hard that I couldn’t ask them to do that.

Me [smiling]: Of course not. (You know they’re spending it all on beer and dope, right?)

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