Thursday, May 20, 2010

Elementary justice

posted Thu, 28 Jun 2007

At boot camp the other day:

Me: Hi Selena. Where have you been?

Selena: I was working at Vacation Bible School.

Me: Wow. How was it?

Selena: I was teaching third grade. There was a kid in the class who was so obnoxious! He’s homeschooled, so he’s not real socialized around other kids.

Me (who would seriously consider home-schooling if I had kids): You think it’s the home schooling? He’s in Sunday school, right? He probably belongs to Cub Scouts or something. Maybe he’s just obnoxious.

Selena: Maybe. He was so bad around the other kids that he finally got punched in the nose. At Bible school!!!!

Me: Well, it’s not like Jesus was a sissy. Remember when he threw the money-changers out of the temple? And that whole, “turn the other cheek” thing is not about letting yourself get beat up; it’s about challenging aggression using the law and social norms to shame the oppressor and win.

Selena: Yeah, but he got punched in the nose! Of course, it was on the third day and the other kids were sick of him. He was less obnoxious after that.

Me: Sounds like he needed it, then.

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