Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fit in mind, soul and body

posted Sat, 07 Apr 2007

If you’re not in shape before Good Friday, you will be after. Nothing like the “Let us kneel” “Let us stand” workout to get your glutes as tight as they can be. The Stations of the Cross and the Friday evening service together get you 38 standing lunges. The presence of a kneeler does hinder the workout somewhat, but the pew behind your butt throws in a degree of difficulty you don’t usually have, so on the whole, you get a balanced burn.

I first went to the church nearest work for 2:00 Stations, but when I arrived, I noticed there were 1) no kneelers (one of those modern suburban doesn’t look like a church churches, Sack) and 2) no priest. Instead, a woman handed me a leaflet explaining that this would be a new version of the Stations – a DVD presentation of which the first four minutes would be just “meditative music,” then the next 14 minutes would be “powerful” music accompanied by “various images of Christ,” then four minutes of “contemporary social issues.”

Oh great. A no-kneeler, no-priest church and some new-age version of the Stations. I tried to swallow my ire and be open to something new, even though one of the main reasons to be Catholic is to be tied to oh, you know, 2,000 years of tradition, but the ire would not go down.

A guy in jeans started the computer and we saw the Dell logo dance on the screen for 30 seconds, then the screen went dark as the meditative music started.

I couldn’t take it. I walked out and found another church – one that, miraculously, did Stations the way they are supposed to be done. No new age, no contemporary social issues, just the same prayers that have been used for hundreds of years. And with kneeling. How refreshing.

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