Friday, May 7, 2010

I`m just an Emily

posted Fri, 23 Mar 2007

What it’s like working with two perfectionists with great taste:

Designer: Did you get the sample I sent you?

Client: Yes. It’s too – lime.

Designer: Really? When I hold it up against the drapery fabric, I think it’s more malachite.

Client: No, it has shades of beryl. And I hate beryl.

Designer: But what about the overtones of viridian? Note how those come out when you hold it next to the duvet fabric.

Client [shudders]: You get that sample anywhere near the bedskirt and the chartreuse comes out. You know how I feel about chartreuse.

Designer [musing]: I thought you would like the soupcon of aquamarine. You know – for that painting.

Client [sighs]: I know, I know. But there’s that hint of olive and when we get to olive we’re on the path to earth tones and you know I just don’t go there.

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