Thursday, May 13, 2010

It isn`t easy being green

posted Tue, 17 Apr 2007

Here’s how I imagine the conversation went at The Week magazine:

Sincere reporter: We need to do something about Earth Day!

Cynical reporter: What’s Earth Day?

Marketing person: We should Honor The Earth.

Sincere reporter: We could dedicate an entire issue to The Earth!

Editor: No way.

Sincere reporter: But—but – it’s The Earth! It’s our home! And it’s Earth Day!

Finance: We are in the business of selling advertising and magazines and making money. Who cares about Earth Day? Who’s even heard of it in our target demographic? What a bunch of crab.

Marketing: What about dedicating the issue to The Earth?

Editor: That’s baloney.

Finance: What about your stupid dedication in the form of not printing the Earth Day issue? We can put that issue online instead. We’ll save a buttload on printing and mailing costs and you can claim it’s all in honor of Earth Day.

Editor: Cool.

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