Friday, May 7, 2010

Maybe I should have gone to Planned Parenthood after all

posted Sat, 31 Mar 2007

When you call on January 16 to get the price of the annual exam at the place that allegedly charges only $75, when you ask the woman how much it costs, when you tell her you’re looking for something like the dental school or the optometry school where the exams are much less than retail, that you cannot pay the $295 your regular doctor charges, get her name when she tells you it costs $75, even if you ask her several times, “Only $75? Nothing else besides that?” She’ll tell you that you have to pay the lab fee and she doesn’t know how much that is, but you figure that must be about the same no matter which doctor you see.

Get her name and then get the name of the woman who makes your appointment when you call back on February 27 to confirm the price and are told once again that yes, it costs $75. That’s all. $75.

They’ll swipe your credit card for $75 when you go for the exam.

Then send you an invoice for another $290 ten days later.

When you call to complain and tell them that you were told it costs $75, they’ll say too bad, you were given bad information. Who told you that it costs $75?

I don’t know. Whoever was answering the phones on January 16 and February 27.

Well, that’s not our policy. They are instructed to say there is a $75 deposit and patients will be billed the balance later.

Yes, but if they had told me that, I never would have made an appointment with you.

I’m very sorry, Miss Factotum, but there is nothing we can do. We can put you on a payment plan if you wish.

When you get home, you’ll find a bill for $123 for a lab test you refused.

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