Thursday, May 20, 2010

Maybe they just like talking to me

posted Mon, 25 Jun 2007

Is the concept of “leaving a message” so arcane that people don’t understand what voicemail is for? As in, if I leave someone a message asking a question – say, “When will the table arrive from France?”, shouldn’t the proper response – should the questioned one not be able to reach me in return – be something along the lines of “I don’t know” or “Five months” or “So sorry! We sold that table to someone else! I know you put a 50% deposit on it, but did that mean you really wanted it?”

Aren’t any of these preferable (although the answer I really want is, “It’s here. Come get it.”) to “Hey! I got your message! Call me!”

Some people are clueless. Or rude. Or stupid.

Was I not clear in asking my question? Was my desire for information not obvious? How could I have made myself more plain?

Do some people just like wasting time?

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