Saturday, May 29, 2010

The micro-manager`s method to finding a hotel

posted Fri, 03 Aug 2007

1. Send an email with the Quikbook link to your girlfriend, who 1) has been charged with finding the hotel for your trip to San Francisco and 2) is about 40 feet away from you, and tell her this is a good resource for finding accommodations.

2. When she asks you which neighborhood to search, tell her, then come over to join her at the dining room table from the kitchen, where you have been re-washing the lunch dishes that she just washed.

3. When she finds a possibility, tell her, “Yeah, that place is good.”

4. Tell her, “Wait! Check the hotel’s website.”

5. Tell her, “Scroll down – yeah. What about the internet-included option?”

6. Tell her, “Now look to see what the valet special option costs for the entire weekend.”

7. Ask, “What about the weekend special?”

8. When she suggests you just book it, tell her you need to think about it.

9. Discuss whether it’s worth it to pay an extra $3 a day for internet access. Decide that this will be a holiday weekend and you can survive without email for two days and if you can’t, there is always Starbucks.

10. Ask her, “What’s the price on Quikbook again?”

11. Tell her, “Let me check the parking garages around there” and lean over and type over her shoulder. Try to figure out what the weekend cost would be for parking at the garage and if it’s a better price than paying the hotel valet charge.

12. When she says, “Let’s just book this place. It looks good,” agree, but then say that you want to check one more option.

13. When she gets up to move away from the computer, telling you that she cannot bear to watch this, that she thought you guys had made a decision already, say you just want to make sure you have found the best place.

14. As she is flipping through the channels, scanning “Martha,” “King of the Hill” and “The Best of Britain’s Castles,” tell her, “I don’t think it’s worth it to spend an extra $100 to stay at [this other place I’m looking at].”

15. When she says, “I thought we agreed on the first place,” tell her you just had to check.

16. When she tells you that this is the sort of picky analysis that drove her nuts when she had a paying job and that sometimes, you just need to set your criteria and then take the first option that meets those criteria, counter with, “But I want to make sure it’s done right!”

17. Book the hotel you have been discussing for the past 15 minutes when she reminds you that if you spend all afternoon on finding a hotel, you won’t get any work done and will have to do it tonight instead of fooling around.

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