Thursday, May 20, 2010

Monogamy = monotony?

posted Sun, 24 Jun 2007

Men, if you are curious to know what happens at a bridal shower, here it is. We eat (cheese and crackers, sausage casserole, the most heavenly creamy cheese grits I have ever put into my mouth and that includes Julie’s wedding breakfast, ham and cheese biscuits, cinnamon rolls, petit fours and chocolate-covered strawberries), we drink (mimosas), and we watch the bride open her presents. Then we go home. This was the best kind of shower – no (literally) game playing, just straight to the essentials.

It was a lingerie shower, which means that everyone was supposed to buy lingerie for the bride. Not knowing my friend’s taste in nightgowns, underpants and garters, though, I decided to play it safe and get her a box of (really good, handmade Dinstuhl’s) chocolates. Chocolate is appropriate for almost every occasion, don’t you think?

These shoes are not made for walking, but they matched the Marilyn Monroe buttercup-colored negligee.

Almost everyone there was married and had been for a while, which inspired some interesting observations:

Guest 1: I’ve been married for 28 years. I don’t even know what kind of nightgown is sexy. Flannel, right?

Guest 2 (holding up a very cute baby-doll nightgown and panties set): If I lounged around wearing this and my husband saw me, I’d never get anything done. I wear old t-shirts to bed.

Guest 3, during the debate about who had left this interesting item – it didn’t have a card: No, it couldn’t have been Jeanine. She’s been married too long. She’d have brought a colander.

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