Monday, May 31, 2010

She has a great personality

posted Fri, 10 Aug 2007

Cambridge is such an intellectual town. The women do not place a high value on – how shall I say this? – traditional female grooming standards and I guess the men**** don’t mind, because no one appears to be importing Ole Miss sorority types, although I would be willing to bet that if a Chi O in her full glory showed up on Mass Ave, she would wipe out the competition in about three seconds flat.

Or not. Maybe the men here really like unshaved legs, no makeup, workout hair and frumpy attire.*

Cambridge is so intellectual that if you stop at the Cambridge Public Library because you’re tired of walking and also need to use the bathroom*** (sorry, no photos) and then decide you want to sit in the magazine room for a while and peruse the publications, you can find the latest People magazine right there in its slot. No one, apparently, with any ego would be caught dead reading that magazine in public.

Good. More trashy reading for me.

* But maybe that’s why there has never been a Miss America from Massachusetts.
** Although the women in the North End last night looked completely different, so maybe Massachusetts has just had bad luck, because there certainly are enough pretty women around, but they make a lot more effort in the North End.
*** What's the deal with the restroom at the KFC in Waltham? There's a sign asking patrons to use the trash can and sanitary disposal unit and assuring us that said units will be emptied by "trained workers." Just how much training does a person need to learn how to empty a trash receptacle?
**** Not that I saw any prizes in the men department, either, unless you like the "I've never shaved in my life and there's no reason to start now" look, coupled with Crocs.

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