Thursday, May 13, 2010

You’ll have to take his toilet paper out of his cold, dead hands…

posted Mon, 23 Apr 2007

...but other than that, SH is committed to environmental stuff. He just got back from a trip to Home Depot, where he bought a bunch of those swirly light bulbs. I don’t care if he wants to put them in my house. He paid for them and claims they’ll reduce my electricity bill. Fine with me. Whatever.

The only thing I don’t want is a 100-watt equivalent in my bathroom. I had a 60-watt bulb in there, but SH put in a much brighter one. “Wouldn’t this be better for makeup and stuff?” he asked, as I recoiled in horror from the public restroom brightness that assaulted me.

“Um, no,” I replied. “The last thing I want to see when I step out from the shower is my body reflected in 100 watts. The less light in here, the better.”

He understands me so well in so many ways, but in others, not.

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