Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Beauty school dropout

posted Wed, 12 Sep 2007

It has been a year since SH last highlighted my hair (highlit?). He did a great job, but that highlighting was on top of a couple of “I wonder what my hair would look like red?” and “Oh – not so good – maybe I’ll cover it with brown” and “Well, that didn’t work – maybe I just need a different shade” experiments.

The last few haircuts I’ve had, the hairdresser has run her fingers through my hair and ordered me never to color it myself again.

It’s a little bit spooky in the school – kind of like the aftermath of the French Revolution.

So I have abstained for a year. I even returned the L’Oreal highlighting kit that I bought at Walgreen’s last January to the store today. I couldn’t believe they took it, but it was worth a shot, now that I am not going to be turning my own hair into straw.

But my hair has looked awful. Drab, mousy, shot with gray. Ick. Then there were the bad haircuts on top of it. (Some of them self-inflicted – apparently, I will never learn that lesson.) Yet I couldn’t bring myself to spend $120 to go to my wonderful former hairdresser, Geri, for a cut and highlights. That’s an awful lot of money for someone who tries to figure out protein complementarities and who waits for peanut butter to go on sale (except for the chocolate peanut butter, but I haven’t bought that in months) to save money on her grocery bill.

Then, after I saw a sign in the window promoting pedicures for $8 on an episode of “Whose Wedding Is It Anyhow?” it occurred to me to google “pedicure” and “Memphis,” which led me to the local beauty school.

This is the good deal! Sure, it’s mostly little old ladies getting their wash and set, but I’m not going to complain as long as my haircut is $7 and my highlights are $44. It took the girl an hour and a half** to put in the foils, but it all blends perfectly.* This should last for a good long time. Well, several months, anyhow. Maybe I’ll have an income source by then.

* “Oh yeah, you blend.” I know what movie that’s from. Do you?

** Which was long enough to eavesdrop on several conversations:

“Milking is cruel to a cow! We don’t eat anything from animals at our house.”
“You’re an economics professor? Yeah, we had to talk about the Constitution today here at school because all federally-funded schools have to talk about it today.”
“By the time you finish the year at beauty school, you have like an equivalent to a bachelor’s degree. If you take the hours for a degree – 120, well, that’s how many hours we spend in beauty school. But we just do it all at once in a year.” (She worked in "1,500" hours as well, but it still doesn't add up to me. Sure, 120 credit hours but how much time did you spend outside of class preparing and studying? I'm not sure there is a lot of homework in beauty school -- no disprespect, because I am impressed with anyone who can cut and color hair and not have it be a complete disaster, but if I had spent all the time studying that I should have in college, I would have put in 1,500 hours in just one year.)

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