Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Devil Wears Prada had nothing on this lady

posted Thu, 25 Oct 2007

I wish I had recorded this conversation, because my friend is so funny in how she tells the story, but all I can do is give you the facts.

Kristy and I were sharing temp horror stories. She had a temp job once where the boss

1. Insisted on having a pitcher of ice water ready on her desk every morning. The water had to be a certain temperature – not too cold because she had dental problems. Kristy had to take the thermometer from the boss’s desk drawer and take the temperature of the water before the boss arrived and make sure it was just right.
2. Required Kristy to type the letters because she didn’t want to wait for her memos and letters to be printed on the shared laser printer. She would give Kristy only one sheet of stationery at a time, so if Kristy made a mistake (which, let’s face it, if you’re used to a computer, you’re probably not as careful as you would be if the typewriter were your only thing), she had to ask for another sheet of stationery.
3. Had Kristy open every piece of mail, staple the envelope to the letter, then create a file for each letter, even if it was junk mail. Kristy was not supposed to read the letters, just prepare a stack of manila folders every day.

Kristy and I agreed that many people must be accustomed to working with idiots when they get a temp and don’t know how to deal with someone of normal or even above-average intelligence, but then we wondered if there were really that many clueless people out there.

Oh, yes, Kristy remembered, there are. She knew someone who sent faxes of the blank side of the paper for her first month on the job. When she finally figured out how to send them the right way, she became concerned that she was sending one upside down, so removed the document from the fax machine and put it back in the other way.

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