Sunday, June 27, 2010

He knows me so well

posted Mon, 29 Oct 2007

After a huge supper at The BBQ shop, the leftovers of which have given us three more meals.

SH: It’s the end of the month. I have to go to Baskin Robbins.

Me: What does it being the end of the month have to do with it?

SH: Because this is my only chance to get the flavor of the month.

Me: Which is?

SH: Jamocha Oreo and chocolate Oreo. But I really shouldn’t.

Me: I’m not the boss of you. I’m not the food police. If you want ice cream, get some.

SH: I’ll be back in ten minutes. I’m walking. Do you want some?

Me: No, I don’t need it. Besides, I don’t like Oreos.

SH: How can you not like Oreos?

Me: They’re dry and icky. Besides, why would I eat a store-bought cookie when homemade is so much better?

SH: But Oreos are different.

Me: No, they’re not. My mom never made us eat Oreos. She baked really good cookies.

Ten minutes later, SH walks in and hands me a half-eaten cone.

SH: I know you said you didn’t want any, but do you want a taste?

Me: Of course.

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