Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I think it`s part of the Bill of Rights

posted Thu, 06 Sep 2007

The other thing I have been doing is sorting my California photos. I had forgotten about this one:

Whoever wrote “Having to urinate is a right” at the top of the sign has probably never owned a piece of property in his life, or has probably never cleaned a public restroom.* Sure, everyone has to pee, but your right to pee ends where my property rights begin. Is it not totally obvious that this sign is in the People’s Republic of Marin County, home of the organic hemp clothing, the honest beds and the biodynamic grapes?

* I have cleaned more public restrooms than anyone should have to clean. When I was little, my grandmother owned a Shell station. She let me and my brother clean the bathrooms a few times. Smart lady – taking advantage of something we thought was an adventure. After we cleaned the sinks and re-supplied the toilet paper, the mechanics would let us get coke for free from the old vending machine. My later bathroom-cleaning experiences weren’t so fun – when I was a lifeguard during the summer in college, we had to clean the bathrooms as part of our duty. Nothing like cleaning a public toilet for the grand pay of $3.25/hour to make you think that perhaps another year of college wouldn’t be such a drag.

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