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Maybe it`s TWB

Maybe it`s TWB
posted Tue, 09 Oct 2007

So I’m out working in my yards, trying to figure out how to get grass to grow in the yard and not in the flowerbeds, when my neighbor comes over. She tells me that she has shown our in-between neighbors’ house, which is for sale, a few times because she has a key and the realtor has become embroiled in a nasty divorce and asked if she could rent the house herself, which does seem like a tiny little conflict of interest.

Any interest? I ask, always wanting to keep my finger on the pulse of the real estate market in my neighborhood.

Although who wouldn’t want to live next to this shrine?

“A few people have looked at it,” she said, “but they all have the same complaint.”

The crummy yard next door? I wonder.


“I showed it to this young couple – no kids and they said, ‘But there’s only one bathroom!’ I told them my husband and I lived the first ten years of our marriage with one bathroom and did just fine.”

“Families with three kids lived in these houses when they were first built,” I said.

“I grew up in a house like this, three kids, one bathroom.” She sighed.

SH and I get along just fine on one bathroom when he’s here. He has two bathrooms at his place, but we use only one of the showers (less cleaning). Are people so in need of instant gratification that they can’t wait three minutes if they have to pee?

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