Sunday, June 20, 2010

Maybe they use the same filing system as the library

posted Wed, 03 Oct 2007

In what alphabet -- in what world -- does “Seven-Eleven” come after “Domino’s” and before “Eaton?” How about “3M” coming between “Apogee” and “AutoZone?” What am I missing here? I didn’t think filing for $11/hour would be that complicated, but apparently, I don’t know the proper alphabet.

On a related note, Macy’s sent me a postcard asking did I remember how much fun it was to work there last Christmas and don’t I want to do it again?

I’ll have to get back to them on that.


Another great benefit of doing nothing but handling paper and boxes for three days is that when you chop onions for your watery bean soup with no meat, because that is all you can afford on $11/hour, you know right away that you have the good, sharp onions. I decided to go with dried peppers instead of fresh once I had this information.

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