Friday, June 25, 2010

A romantic conversation with my sweetie

posted Tue, 09 Oct 2007

SH: One of the people we met with today is a transsexual.

Me: Is that the kind that likes to wear women’s clothes or the one who cuts it off?

SH: It’s someone who changes sex.

Me: What direction did this person go? In or out?

SH: He was a man and is now a woman.

Me: Has he been chopped yet?

SH: I don’t know! He has breasts.

Me: Facial hair?

SH: Not that I noticed.

Me: What does he look like? Does he look better than me?

SH: No! You look way better. He looks like guy trying to look like a woman.

Me: What do you think is on his passport?

SH: I don’t know. Genetically, he’s a man. Are you allowed to choose which sex you put on your passport?

Me: What was he wearing?

SH: I wasn’t paying attention. He’s decent technically; that’s all I noticed.

Me: A skirt? Pants?

SH: Pants.

Me: Heels or flats?

SH: Heels.

Me: Makeup?

SH: Yes.

Me: Did he have long nails?

SH: I don’t know! I don’t pay attention to things like that!

Me: But you know I am going to ask these questions. You should have looked so you could have been prepared. Was there any vibe?

SH: Vibe?

Me: You know. The vibe there is between men and women.

SH: No! If anything, he had negative femininity. He sucked femininity out of the room.

Me: How tall was he?

SH: 5’9”, 5’10”.

Me: I’ll bet he has a hard time finding shoes.

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