Sunday, June 20, 2010

Unemployment has some advantages

posted Fri, 05 Oct 2007

What I don't miss about corporate America

The jargon: “Level set me on this.”

The requirement that one perform miracles:

Boss X: “I’m not comfortable with your using my computer.” (To make file labels.)

Me: “A typewriter might work better anyhow.”

Boss X: “See if you can find one.” (Then leaves for a two-hour meeting. Keep in mind I had been there for a day and a half and knew no one.)

The stupid management decisions:

Nice employee: “Boss X wants us to start scanning every document we get before filing it or sending it to the warehouse.”

Me: “But you get hundreds of documents a week.”

Nice employee: “Yes. Our storage company actually has a scanning service.”

Me: “So Boss X would rather have you guys spending your time scanning instead of actually attending to business?”

Nice employee: “Um, yes.”

The suffering:

When you have the 3:00 drags and all the coke machines are out of diet Dr Pepper.

What I do miss

The money

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