Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Why must I suffer this way?

posted Fri, 21 Sep 2007

You know what ticks me off? When I come from a long day at work – 11:00–7:45, where I did almost nothing but toil on the invoices for the client from hell, including her outstanding payables from May and I can’t even charge her interest, even though it says at the bottom of the invoice that we will charge 1.5% per month for past dues, because the designer is scared the CFH will pitch a fit and refuse to pay anything, and find nothing in my mailbox.

It’s Friday.

People magazine is supposed to be here.

All I want is to sit down with an apple and peanut butter (OK, really with a brownie, but I took them* to work today and surprise! five women ate the entire tray) and read the trash, but the new postwoman doesn’t deliver my People on Friday; she waits until Monday. I know she’s holding out on me, probably keeping the magazine in the PO break room so she can thumb through it while she drinks her Mountain Dew and eats her Ho-Hos. I know it’s available on Friday because Lawrence, my former mailman and the best mailman I ever had, always brought it on Friday.

Can’t a working woman get a break around here?

* They were supposed to be all vegan and healthful – ha – healthful brownies, which might be why Kroger was discontinuing them and I got the box for only $1.00. They wanted me to use margarine (which I have never in my life had in my kitchen) and no eggs, but brownies taste better with butter and eggs, so that’s what I used and darned if they didn’t taste too bad.

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