Thursday, July 22, 2010

Trading one obsession for another

posted Tue, 13 Nov 2007

I have been obsessed with two things today: not picking at my face, which, along with eating and reading about food, is one of my hobbies, and watching a few lovely Brahmin Crandall purses in Toasted Almond on eBay.

I covet that purse, but I am not willing to pay retail for it ($355, I think). I am willing to pay much, much less, but so far, other eBay bidders are willing to pay less than retail but more than I am willing to pay, so I have been thwarted for the past week.

This purse is perfect – it has a shoulder strap, which is essential, as I use my hands even when I am carrying a purse. I tried a gorgeous black alligator-patterned leather purse from Ann Taylor last month, the kind you have to carry in your hand or can stick over your shoulder but only if you’re not wearing a coat, but it was just too darn inconvenient to have to keep pushing it out of the way and then taking it down off my shoulder just to open it. It was perfect in every other way – it had enough room for three pairs of glasses (RX sunglasses, distance glasses and working on the computer glasses, which are not the same as farsighted because I am over 40 glasses), it had interior pockets, and it had a flap closure so that when I threw it into my car, the contents would not spill onto the floor and roll under the seats.

The Brahmin bag has all these qualities as well and the shoulder strap. And it is gorgeous, which is also a requirement.

But I can’t afford it.

I can wait.

Someday, that purse will be mine.

And spending all day watching the bidding is keeping me from the bathroom mirror and the temptation to squeeze, squeeze, squeeze.

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