Thursday, August 5, 2010

Control freaks, unite

posted Fri, 07 Dec 2007

Me: Why don’t I make the bed while you fill out that life insurance application?

SH: Let me see how far up the sheet is. [looks] It’s too far up on the foot. We have to re-do it.

Me: OK, fine. But you really are not very good at delegating.

SH: Where is that light blanket?

Me: Why don’t we worry about the blanket later? Remember our objective here. [I start to put on the pillowcases.]

SH: OK. Wait! That’s the wrong pillow for the flannel pillowcase. [There are three pillows and only two flannel pillowcases.]

Me: What’s wrong with it?

SH: That’s not the pillow where your head is going to be, is it? It needs to be on this one. You have it on the scratchy feather pillow. It needs to be on the soft one.

Me: Fine. Whatever. I’ll switch pillowcases, although I don’t know why I couldn’t have my head on the white cotton pillowcase. Now will you do that application?

SH: You know I would have had to switch them later if you didn’t.

Me: I think we need to agree that the person not doing the job needs to leave the room while the other person does whatever it is he is doing.

SH: Yeah, but what if you are doing it wrong?

Me: [rolls eyes]

SH: Where is that blanket?

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